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Realistic and justifiable pricing

I first noticed Torquay Web Design through their work on the ANGAIR Nature Show annual website, which looked fabulous for a volunteer organisation. I spoke to someone I trusted at Angair who said that Torquay Web Design was great to deal with, and that their pricing was pretty reasonable. I contacted Dorota to discuss a new website for the Queenscliffe Historical Museum, and found her professionally articulate on the services she would provide and how she would provide them, and we had a deal. We had our content and structure pretty well established, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of work required in transferring the host for our many emails. Though this wasn’t in our contract, Dorota followed through on this and assisted us through many problems, which she said were way and above the norm. I insisted that Dorota charge us for the extra work, which she eventually did at a very modest and acceptable amount. I have been very happy with Dorota’s services and professionalism, and her very realistic and justifiable pricing.

Queenscliffe Historical Museum