WordPress Website Training Terms and Conditions


  • Training is provided at $110/hour, unless included in your web design package free of charge (minimum 1-hour session required). If the session runs over your pre-booked time of 1 or 2 hours, Torquay Web Design will issue an invoice for the extra time spent.
  • A Booking and payment is required to secure your training session – Book your training
  • Maximum of 2 attendees per session.
  • Minimum 48-hour cancellations (via email) are required for a full refund. Otherwise, a cancellation fee of $55 will be charged.
  • At least one attendee must have a computer or a laptop with a reliable internet connection.
  • Torquay Web Design team will ask for login details to your WordPress site before your session and has the right to refund a booking if it is deemed our training is not suitable for your website.
  • Training available for self-hosted WordPress websites only.
  • WordPress.com assistance is not available.
  • Torquay Web Design is NOT a registered training organisation and all training is offered as tailored to your needs and of a general nature based on known facts and experience with the WordPress software.
  • Torquay Web Design is NOT associated with Automattic.comĀ in any way.
  • Training at your home or office is not available. Only an online option is offered.
  • All sessions are conducted via Skype (Zoom sessions are not offered due to security concerns).
  • Please add torquaywebdesign to your Skype contact list.
  • Also, please provide your Skype username at least 24hrs ahead of the session. We reserve the right to cancel your training session if your username hasn’t been provided.
  • Please make sure you have Skype installed on either laptop or PC and your login details are correct. We don’t recommend using a phone for training purposes.
  • Please make sure your camera, headphones (optional) and microphone are working.
  • Please note: we would like to start every session on time in order for us to accommodate any other commitments and appointments that we might have on the day, so if you are not able to connect for more than 15 minutes your session will be cancelled and would have to be rescheduled.

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