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Website Updates – Do You Need Them?

Most websites today are built on content management systems and WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms online. It is important to update your website as and when a new update is out. You must update the WordPress core application, the plugins, as well as your website’s theme/template.

As WordPress specialists, we cannot emphasise enough, the importance of updating your website regularly. Torquay Web Design recommends to all our clients getting our Essential Maintenance Plan, which assures all updates are taken care of on your behalf, including WordPress core updates, plugin updates and also theme updates.

Here are some reasons why website updates are important to your Torquay business.

Bug Fixes

Each update to the WordPress core brings with it bug fixes. Bugs are tiny coding errors that can become a hassle if left unchecked. WordPress updates ensure that your website is free of any known errors.


When your WordPress website or plugin is not updated to the latest version, your site becomes vulnerable to security breaches. Moreover, the latest WordPress updates keep up with all kinds of security issues to ensure your site is safe and secure at all times.


When you update your WordPress plugins to the latest version, you can be sure that they will work with the latest version of WordPress. If you have the latest version of WordPress but haven’t updated the plugins, chances are that the plugins may not function. Updating your plugins to the latest version ensures your website’s functionality is intact at all times.

Latest Features

Every major WordPress update comes with new features and functionality. For instance, WordPress 4.1 introduced inline image editing and WordPress 4.2 brought with it quicker plugin updates. If your website isn’t updated to the latest version (5.4 at present), you won’t get to experience the latest new features that WordPress has introduced.


WordPress is always aiming to make things quicker and faster. Every new release brings with it a variety of performance improvements, which make WordPress even more faster and efficient. For instance, WordPress 4.2 enhanced JavaScript performance for navigation menus.

As speed is an important ranking signal, you must ensure your WordPress website is updated to the latest version.

Torquay Web Design Can Help

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