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Website Backup – Is it Important?

Your website is an important asset for your business. Protecting it against any unforeseen disasters is crucial. After all, if you lose your website and don’t have a way to restore it quickly, it will not only affect your sales, it will affect your reputation too.

One can never predict the things that could go wrong.

Torquay Web Design recommends backing up your website often in case something goes wrong. If you are looking for a reliable website backup service in Torquay, fret not. We recommend hosting packages offered by our partners that include secure backup among other things.

Here are some reasons why website backups are important.


Hackers are a reality in today’s times. It’s important to protect your website from the skilled hands of hackers. Most hackers do so with the aim of stealing sensitive information such as credit card details. However, a lot of the time, they do it just to cause trouble.

So what happens if one day a hacker gets into your website and erases the entire website? If you don’t have a backup file, you won’t be able to restore your site.

Website Updates Gone Bad

If your website has been built on a content management system like WordPress, it would call for regular updates. However, updates may not always go as planned. It’s always better to take a backup before updating your CMS to the latest version. With a ton of components, coding, programming, and plugins to handle, one small error in any of the updates can result in disaster.

When you choose one of our hosting partners, website backup becomes a breeze.

Virus and Malware Attacks

There are many ways your website may succumb to malware, Trojan horses, and virus attacks. Even a usually safe third party component may succumb to a malware attack or you may download it without your knowledge along with a plugin or theme.

When you have a backup file, you can handle it peacefully in case your site goes berserk all of a sudden.

Errors and Mistakes

Human errors are unavoidable. In fact, you can never prepare yourself enough against human errors. You, your employees or your contractors may delete a critical file accidentally. If you do not have a backup, one small mistake can result in a huge disaster. Having regular backup means that you can restore your website almost instantaneously. In fact, your website backup service in Torquay will assist you along the way.

In Conclusion

Backing up your website will ensure that you can minimise the damage and restore your website immediately. Website backups are not expensive either. A lot of hosting companies offer website backups as part of their service. Get in touch with Web Design Torquay today for more information.