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Really Happy With The Quality Of Our Website

When we started with Torquay Web Design, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. We had ideas, we had requirements, but we didn’t know how to optimise our information and the quality of the presentation.

Dorota listened to us, found out what was important to us, and came up with a range of options which were all very good proposals. She listens, is creative, and polished up our own ideas when they were a good option. At the end of the project, we still felt strong ownership of the work.

Dorota’s way of managing the project is awesome. She uses the Trello package which is extremely efficient and pretty easy to learn, but we were not familiar with at first. To help us along the way, Dorota doubled this with normal email communications until we caught up.
If she says she’ll have something done in a particular time frame, she will meet that commitment. For the duration of our project, there was not one case of us having to chase her up.

Also, Dorota not only has a lot of expertise herself, but also has an ethic of educating the client. She has a range of really useful guides, which she provided unexpectedly at useful times along the way. These not only helped us to understand some of the guidance that she provided, but has now left us with a much higher level of expertise ourselves, now that we have taken over the website.

Torquay Web Design is easy to work with and we have been really happy with the quality of our website. We have no hesitation in recommending them as web designers.

Terry Mervin
Ride the Surf