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As a small business owner, you cannot really afford to overlook the impact of eCommerce. With the Internet having reduced the world to a global village, trade and commerce are no longer limited to geographical boundaries or timelines.

When it comes to Online Shops, there are some specific features that can help make your online store stand out from the rest.

Call to Action

This is perhaps the most important feature of an extremely successful eCommerce site. With a call-to-action button, you are prodding the viewer to take positive action. Ensure that the call-to-action button is clearly visible and in a colour that stands out from the background of your website.

Clear Value Proposition

A clear and strong value proposition focuses on why customers should prefer your brand or services over your competitors. The online market is highly competitive and huge brands rule the market.

To create your own niche and sustain your business, you need to place your arguments and unique selling points (USPs) clearly and confidently.

Fast Search Features

With so many eCommerce sites offering the same products, customers hardly spend more than a few seconds on a particular site. The customer would ideally like to go to a specific product in a single click. Be sure to make the search process easy and efficient.

Provide a glimpse of the product with high-resolution images so that customers can evaluate it at a first glance.

The Shopping Cart

Another vital part of any Online Shop, the shopping cart is where all the action takes place. Avoid asking for too much information. A cumbersome sign-up process can alienate your prospective customers, and they might simply exit your website without completing the transaction.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Any good Online Shop should provide for breadcrumb navigation. This feature greatly improves user experience by making it easier for users to understand exactly where they are.

Since eCommerce sites feature several pages, breadcrumb navigation helps viewers to find their way through the maze of products, categories, sub-categories and so on.

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