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ttTorquay Website Design Story – We are a small innovative web design and graphic studio (based in Torquay, Victoria), specialising in micro, small and medium local business.

At Torquay Website Design we understand not everyone is an internet/graphics or SEO wizard – but to be found online you simply must stand out. Bringing ideas to life on the Internet blows our hair back.

We’re nerdy enough to be committed to flawless technical operation and arty enough to be attached to form and colour and balance. Now this is important. As not all web designers can be both, meaning you sometimes have to hire separately for each job. But not here, not with these little ‘black ducks’.

At Torquay Website Design we are passionate about website design and inspired by the businesses we support.

So where are you, right now?

Maybe you’re stuck. Or maybe you’re on the edge. This might be your very first website launch so you’re dipping your toe in.

Or you’re totally ready to dive, do it right and sort it, done. This is big stuff, an enormous step. You’ve got your budget, your list, your vision.

But you’re a bit nervous. You can see the risk. You understand the investment. You know deep down nerves are good – so is excitement. Hey, you’re on the brink of something GREAT here but it needs to feel right, be right.

You need someone who just gets you. Someone who can hear your vision and piece out the best bits and grow it even bigger; nourish it, refine it and make it shiny new. You’ve been dreaming of this clever, seamless digital presence. So come get acquainted with Torquay Website Design.

We’d love to work together.

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  • Nothing was ever too much trouble and our questions were always answered promptly with creative ideas and expert knowledge.

    Andrew Glide
  • The service provided is second to none. I would without question highly recommend Dorota at Torquay Web Design to anyone.

    Christian Millard
  • Dorota has been extremely professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with, in both setting up my website and keeping everything up to date.

    Martin Wilkinson
  • We were surprised how easy it was to have Torquay Web Design develop our Facebook page, business cards, flyer, letterhead and logo.

    Shane Watkins
  • Outstanding, professional service, speedy response times to our many queries, and affordable prices, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

    Chelsea Hansen
  • Torquay Web Design developed my website and my Facebook page which has brought many enquiries to my business.

    Carolyn Stephens
  • We had just started a new business and had no idea where to begin. They made the whole process stress free and the results were outstanding.

  • Toquay Web Design managed to take our ideas and create exactly what we had in mind. Couldn’t be happier, and service was very responsive!